"Soul in Motion" consists of 39 poems regarding everyday life, to inspire, rouse hope and spark creativity.This book also features original paintings in full color, each piece created during the same timeline as the poems were written. Meg`s greatest desire is to uplift others, to spread joy and share her creativity, which is reflected in this poetry collection.


"Meg is a very soulful writer; she shares her heart in every word she places before her from her Quill. A reader drifts into her verse as beautifully as her abstract art; her mind is so creative and blossoms with talent of a true artist. I enjoy very much reading her work. Her versatility as a writer/poet/painter is amazing." -Vincent Moore, author of two books of Poetry, "In Absinthia" and "In Melancholia"



It`s a dream to read Meg`s poetic tapestries, she is a visionary with words, bold, thought provoking and writes with much integrity & passion." - writer @Epigramman


"Love your work, it has purpose." - Inspirational Writer John Hansen


"A very observant and of a very high moral spirit! People should stop and read her work!" - Poet Rahul Rakesh


"Meg is a wonderful, articulate, sensitive writer. Writes with alot of soul." - Kenneth Avery